Ready to Ride Program

We want your bicycle purchase to be one of your best experiences. Just like any complex machine in regular use, a bicycle will require some maintenance.

A bicycle that does not receive periodic maintenance will not be as enjoyable to ride and could be a hazardous if a key component such as the brakes are not functioning properly.

This is why Gatto’s exclusive “Ready to Ride” program is FREE with every bicycle purchase. Gatto Cycling & fitness will provide an inspection and basic maintenance free of charge to the original owner, twice a year for the lifetime of the bicycle. Basic maintenance consists of brake and gear cable tension adjustment, tightening nuts and bolts in brakes, headset, deraillers, handlebars, seat & post, pedal and crank, simple spoke tension adjustment with the wheels on the bike and tightening axle nuts or quick release skewers.

As the components of a bicycle begin to wear out, a complete readjustment may be required to return them to proper function; brake pads are a good example of this. Gatto’s Ready to Ride program does not extend to this level of maintenance. If the repair required is not covered in the Ready to Ride description, it can be performed by our qualified service technicians at our regular repair rates which are printed and readily available.